LP Gas

1Low soot and no ash makes for clean handling.

2A strong flame and high heat make for delicious cooking and easy boiling.

3Compared to electric heat sources, LP gas is more reliable in times of disaster and can quickly be restored.











How is it Supplied?

The best way to supply LP gas is through a system of LPG Supply System.

What is LPG Supply System?

LPG Supply System is a method in which gas cylinders or tanks of LP gas are installed securely outside of buildings in a safe location. Piping from the tank to the inside of the building is set up to meet the safety standards using the best safety equipment, most durable iron piping or polyethylene piping. LP gas is supplied to single family homes, group residences (apartments or condominiums), restaurants, factories, and other such structures.


This method is used widely throughout Japan, Europe, and the United States.

Presently, connecting a rubber hose directly to the gas cylinder is the main method of supply in Myanmar. However, this method is extremely dangerous as appropriate measures to ensure safety are not taken.